Improvements to the Charitable Trusts Register

We’ve recently improved the Charitable Trusts Register, making it easier for you to update your details, search for information, or register a trust board.

What’s changed?

All the tasks required to incorporate and maintain a charitable trust board can now be done online, as well as manually. To use our new online services you’ll need to have an online services account.

The new system has several advantages. When you’ve set up your account, you can keep track of applications in progress; and you can easily add or remove users online as elected officers or trustees change.

Setting up your online account

We encourage you to set up an online account and make the most of our new online services. Before you do, check you’ve got the necessary information ready.

Step 1 — RealMe® login

You’ll need a RealMe login to create an online services account with us.

Create a RealMe® login

Step 2 — Registry key

Have your trust board’s registry key on hand (if you have it).

If you don’t have your registry key, don’t worry. The new system has other ways you can confirm your authority.

Once you complete these steps, your online account is ready to use!

If you need help, our user guide provides step-by-step instructions.

You can also contact us.

Contact us

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