The role of the Registrar

What we can and can’t do

The Charitable Trusts Act 1957 sets out the Registrar’s roles and responsibilities. These do not include intervening or arbitrating in the internal matters of charitable trust boards.

What we do…

Under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, the Registrar’s responsibilities are limited to registering trust boards, recording changes to trust deeds, rules and addresses, and  dissolutions.

What we don’t do…

The Registrar has no power under the Act to inquire into a board’s activities or operations.

Should your charitable trust board experience internal problems about how it is being run or the way its deed or rules are being interpreted or applied, it must resolve them itself. You may need to get legal advice.

The authority to examine and inquire into the condition and management of charities in New Zealand resides with the Attorney General.

Attorney General's contact address:

Crown Law Office
P O Box 2858
Wellington 6140

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