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Registering your board and keeping its details up to date

Becoming a charitable trust board requires that you register and maintain your organisation on the Charitable Trusts Register.

All the tasks needed to do this can now be carried out online. For this, you’ll need to set up an online services account with the Companies Office.

Setting up your online services account

Using our online services enables quicker processing, allows you to check the progress of applications, and saves you the cost of postage.

You can, however, file all the necessary documents with us manually, if you prefer. This does not require an online services account. Both options are covered in the service guides on this website.

Terms and conditions

When you create an online services account, you'll be asked to agree to our terms and conditions. These set out your responsibilities and help to ensure the information you provide is kept secure. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you're committing to keeping your information on the register up to date.

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Getting started on the register 7 guides

Find out about charitable trusts and the Charitable Trusts Register, how to set up an online services account, and where to start when incorporating a charitable trust board.

Searching the Charitable Trusts Register 2 guides

Searching the register for information about charitable trust boards and their status.

Starting a charitable trust board 3 guides

To incorporate a charitable trust board you must submit an application, along with the required documents. There is no registration fee.

Keeping charitable trust board details up to date 5 guides

Ending a charitable trust board 2 guides

There are two ways to end a charitable trust board. If the board is no longer operating, it can apply to be dissolved. If it is unable to pay its debts, it can be placed in liquidation.

Restoring a charitable trust board to the register 1 guide

A trust board that has been removed from the Charitable Trusts Register can apply to us to be restored.

Forms 1 guide

Find the forms you'll need to register your charitable trust board or keep its details up to date. Please note: there are no fees for registering or maintaining a charitable trust board.