Things to do before you apply

What you need to do before applying to incorporate a charitable trust board

A charitable trust board can be established by individuals (trustees).

You can apply for incorporation online by uploading the required form.

Gather the information you’ll need

When applying to incorporate as a charitable trust board you’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  • the name you’ve chosen for the board
  • the address of your registered office
  • an address for communication with us
  • the names, addresses and signatures of the trustees.

Choosing a name

Before choosing a name for your trust board, be sure that you can use it. Your application will be rejected if the name you have chosen is unavailable.

There are some restrictions

The name you choose cannot contain certain words (for example, ANZAC, Royal) the use of which are prohibited by other pieces of legislation.

It cannot be identical or almost identical to that of another charitable trust board, or other body corporate (for example, a company or incorporated society), unless that organisation gives its written consent to us.

We may also reject names that are considered to be offensive or not in the public interest.

How to check whether the name is available

You can search for a charitable trust board on this website, or use the search options on the Companies Office websites to perform a broader search of body corporates and other entity types.

Search for trust boards Search for a company Search other registers

Your registered office address

Every charitable trust board must have a registered office. This address must be a physical location and include the street number in a town or city.

If the address is a named building, this name should be provided. If the building has more than one floor, or is made up of a suite of offices, then the floor or suite number should also be included.

You cannot use a post office box, private bag or DX address as the registered office.

Prepare your forms and documents

Trustees applying to incorporate as a charitable trust board must complete the an application form (Form CT1).

The application form must be signed by a majority of the trustees (original signatures only). There must be at least one trustee. Each applicant is required to provide their full name, physical address and signature on the application form.

As part of the application, you’ll be asked to provide a statutory declaration by one of the applicants, under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957, either identifying other trusts through which applicants hold property, or stating that there are no other trusts. The declaration should be dated on the day the application is made.

You’ll also need to submit a copy of your trust deed, and any amendments to that document. This must be certified by one of the applicants, and include the following statement:

“I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the trust deed the [name of trust board] as per section 10(2)(a) of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.”

Download the application form you need

If you're applying online you need to prepare an application form to upload.

If you're going to apply manually by submitting PDF forms, download and complete a slightly different version of the application form.

Apply for incorporation

You’re then ready to file your application for incorporation.

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